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Everyone's motivation for going solar varies - some people want to do it for environmental reasons, some want to be independent from the grid and others have economic interests.

But at the end of the day, most people want all of the above.


This is one solution that truly ticks all of these boxes. 

The reasons for NOT going solar diminish with each passing sunset.

What is "Net Metering"? 

Solar net metering is a billing arrangement for solar panel owners. Excess electricity is fed back into the grid, and users receive kilowatt hour (kWh) credits on their bills for the surplus. These kWh credits offset electricity drawn from the grid during periods of low solar production (evenings, winter), providing a financial incentive for solar energy adoption.  When we design your system we need to know what your annual kWh usage is and then we design a system that will produce close to that value.  


There is no monetary incentive to produce more than what you use but if you are considering to increase your loads (electric vehicle, hot tub, etc.) then we’ll want to take that into consideration at this stage.

how net metering works
Foggy Forest

Canada Greener Homes Grant Program

This federal incentive program is currently ON HOLD and not accepting applications.  

Check back soon to learn about any updates.

Every so often there are opportunities that arise that are almost too good to be true. The federal government recently launched the Canada Greener Homes rebate program. Homeowners are now eligible for up to $5000 in incentives for installing a solar net metering system on your property. In addition to this, eligible projects can access up to $40,000 in zero interest and 10 year term loans. Sounds too good to be true? Well it is true but these opportunities don't last forever...

It's as good a time as ever to take advantage of this generous subsidy and take charge of your energy needs. Information about the program can be found on the NRCAN website. Delta Energy does not provide the audits required for eligibility, however we can put you in touch with our channel partners that can facilitate the rebate process to get your project rolling.


 STEP 1: Is your property suitable for a solar system

There are a few key pieces of information we need to determine if your property has good potential for shifting to solar:

Does your roof or land have unshaded exposure to the sun?



If you want a rooftop system, is your roof in good shape and won't be needing to be redone in the next 10 years or more? 

Our systems are built to last 20 + years.


What is your annual hydro consumption in kilowatt hours? 

This number is critical to know so we can properly design your system size.


Do you have inefficient appliances and lighting that can easily be upgraded and retrofitted?

Do you have inefficient appliances and lighting that can easily be upgraded and retrofitted? Energy efficient equipment and controls can greatly reduce your consumption and you may not need as large a solar system. Looking around your property for items that are wasting power and fixing these issues first are far more cost effective than adding additional solar panels to supply power to these wasteful loads.


Are you planning on adding equipment to your home that may increase your energy consumption? 

Example; electric vehicle, hot tub, heat pump, etc.

 STEP 2: Fill in this inquiry form:

The inquiry forms includes a list of basic items that need to be addressed before a solar system can be installed. For most turn-key projects we take care of all these steps to keep the process moving forward. Once all these steps are completed and approvals are in hand, the project is basically ready to be installed. Depending on a few factors (application delays), this process can take 1-3 months.

Solar Panels Technician

We can provide turn-key solar systems - from the initial design phase, permits, supply, installation and connecting to the grid or supply of the equipment only.  Everyone has differing needs and we’re happy to support your project.


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