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Energy efficient LED lighting retrofits are one of the most simple and effective ways to immediately cut hydro costs, improve light quality and slash maintenance expenses.  As hydro rates in Ontario continue to rise there really isn't any reason to wait - the cost of waiting will continue to mount with each passing day.

DELTA Energy Solution's LED lighting products and services achieve the following:
  • Improve light quality
  • Wide range of colour temperatures for any setting from candlelight to daylight
  • 70-90% more efficient than standard lighting (incandescent, HID, fluorescent)
  • Long-lasting - 50,000 to 100,000 hour expected life
  • 5-10 year warranties.  
  • Cut maintenance and operating costs
  • Instant-on and dimmable
  • Typical paybacks on projects are less than 1 to 2 years
  • Wide range of colour temperatures from warm white to cool white
  • Save On Energy rebate application processing with rebates tha can cover up to 50%
  • Installations performed by licensed electricians

LEDs are available in any colour temperature and replace any standard lighting.  There really isn't any application that our lighting cannot meet.  Let us know the lighting that's in your building and we'll make some recommendations.

A Note on our LED Retrofit Kits

LED retrofit kits allow you to reuse your existing fixtures, rewire and replace your existing inefficient lamps (fluorescent, HPS, metal halide, etc.) and ballasts with longer lasting and much more efficient LED lighting.  These kits are very cost-effective, easy to install and reduce waste.  If you have fixtures that are in good condition then this is an excellent option.

Any fixture can be retrofitted with our LEDs.

Applications For Our LED Lighting

  • Office LED lighting
  • Warehouse & factory high bay LED lighting
  • Agricultural LED lighting
  • Apartment & condo building LED lighting
  • Standard screw-in LED light bulbs
  • Multi-purpose area lighting
  • Vintage / Edison LED light bulbs
  • Parking lots & parking garage LED lighting
  • Hotels, restaurants, retail store LED lighting
  • Architectural and custom LED lighting
  • Residential interior & exterior LED lighting
  • LED retrofit and conversion kits

Product Catalogue

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Typical Commercial Building Electricity Consumption

Table of sample site electricity consumption

"More site electricity is consumed for lighting than for any other end use."

(Source: EIA, Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey)

Historical Snapshot of Rising Hydro Rates - 2005-2015

Historical hydro rates in Ontario

Source: Ontario Energy Board

What the DELTA energy efficient lighting package includes...

  • Free, no obligation lighting survey to assess your lighting situation and requirements
  • Analysis of your existing lighting costs vs. Delta's lighting solution and options for your facility
  • Financial cost benefit analysis
  • Photometrics, lighting design and layouts
  • Installation services
  • Processing your Save On Energy rebate - can be up to 50% of your project's costs
  • Financing available

Why we do this...

  • Because so much energy and money is wasted on inefficient lighting and lighting systems
  • Because we want to help you cut your costs and save money
  • Because new technology and developments in lighting products and improvements in quality have made this very cost-effective
  • Because we want to help reduce the power consumed by Ontario's businesses and residents.
  • Because it just makes common sense and cents!
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