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EcoFlow DELTA Pro Portable Power Station


Introducing the world's first portable home battery with an expandable ecosystem for home backup, outdoor recreations, professional production, smart energy management, lower energy bills, and more. The EcoFlow DELTA Pro is the next leap in portable power technology, offering you power security and independence, wherever you are.


Power for any situation.

From tailgate power to extreme blackouts that last for days on end, DELTA Pro delivers up to 25kWh of capacity. With that, you're covered for any situation. That's the industry gold standard.


Power your entire home.

With the Double Voltage Hub, DELTA Pro* provides unparalleled AC output of up to 7200W and 240V. Run 99% of all home appliances, even high-wattage clothes dryers and electric heaters, so you can keep your home running smoothly.*Double Voltage Hub requires two EcoFlow DELTA Pro units.


A clean energy alternative.

Replace noisy, smoky generators with a silent, fume-free, portable home battery. Unlike generators, batteries are ideal for both outdoor and indoor use, running all your essentials during a blackout. And, with the help of solar energy, recharge during an extended outage.



EcoFlow DELTA Pro Portable Power Station

C$4,499.00 Regular Price
C$3,499.00Sale Price
Excluding GST/HST
  • • First portable home battery designed for home backup

    • 3.6-25kWh expandable capacity

    • 3600W-7200W AC output for 99% appliances

    • Incredible 6500W MultiCharge, 2.7 hours AC charging

    • Industry first: recharge at thousands of EV stations worldwide

    • Long-lasting LFP battery supports up to 10 years

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